Monday Made It & 500 Followers Giveaway Reminder

Hey blog friends! I am linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for a little Monday Made It action.

My project isn't school related.. but I thought I'd share it with ya anyways. I made a little something for those pesky socks who have lost their mate in the dryer. haha  I pinned this project sometime back on pinterest and finally decided to make it.

Her is my little ole version..

The only thing I bought for this project was the pizza pan from the Dollar Tree. Everything else I already had on hand. I almost think it needs bigger letters or something else... but it will work for now considering I was only out $1 for this little project. :)   

My inspiration came from Kristy at I'll Get You My Pretties. Hers is positively darling!!! Mine definitely doesn't do this project justice. 

Kristy's Version (I LOVE!)

What have you made lately?

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Jennifer said...

So cute! This is a great idea.

The First Grade Dream
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Cupcake said...

Very cute!! But somehow I end up with way more than 3-5 missing socks!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Lisa R. said...

I absolutely love that idea! We are always losing socks in our house. I swear that the dryer eats them! I definitely want to make that now. Great idea! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Tara said...

What a super cute idea! I haven't seen that. Yours turned out just adorable. I think we have a sock eating monster at our house too!! Thanks so much for linking up:)) Hope you can come back:)

4th Grade Frolics

Chrissy said...

That's a great idea! Who doesn't find a mismatched sock every time they do laundry????
First Grade Found Me

April Walker said...

Cute idea!
The Idea Backpack

Amanda Madden said...

I definitely need to make one of those! Super cute

Teaching Maddeness

Krista Happ said...

Too cute! Hopefully it will help everyone locate the missing piece to their pair!

The Second Grade Superkids

Elisabeth said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments girls! :) Glad you liked the little project!

Jill said...

I love this and am going to make one for hats and mittens. Thanks for sharing.