Back to School.. New Year

Today we made it back from winter break. On Monday teachers came in for a staff development day. On Tuesday we woke up to a little surprise in the form of cold, white stuff.. and our weatherman telling us NO SCHOOL! YAY! It wasn't very much snow.. just enough to get us out one extra day... and then an hour late today! So anyways... we finally made it back today from winter break and *tried* to get back in the groove of things. We talked about the new year and how some people make resolutions or "goals" at the beginning of a new year and I gave them some examples. We brainstormed some class goals for 2012. Boy oh boy was I super pleased with the responses! They really got it and had some wonderful goals! Check out our class goals in the pic below... sorry for the lighting and my handwriting! :)

Next, I asked students to think about a goal they would like to make and try to achieve in 2012. I explained it could be a goal at school, at home, something they might like to get better at or learn to do, etc. They had some really great ideas for these too. We completed a Cara inspired activity..And we used Mrs. Lemons wonderful template! Thanks gals for being so inspiring and helpful! :)

Not the best pic.. sorry 

This little cutie's goal was to be nicer to her teacher! :)

Welp.. that's it for today folks! I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday... super short work week for me! :)  Happy Wednesday night friends! It's almost the weekend!



Unknown said...

What an awesome day! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Kristin said...

Lucky girl with an extra day and one hour!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Summer-Raye said...

how precious