Happy New Year & Sale!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe this year has come and gone and tomorrow is a new year!! Time flies when you're having fun! :)  I hope to make some resolutions for the new year... and well actually keep them! HA I *really* need to get better at a little thing called organization! At school.. and at home.. well everywhere! I hope that I can get everything around me more organized and I already started with the storage room at home and it looks 50 times better! Thanks to E for the moral support and his helping hand. It also helps a girl when you have someone saying "why do you have that" and "get rid of that!" HA 

I also want to get better with starting and finishing something.. I'm the world's worse to start something.. get something else on mind.. quit working on whatever I started on.. and well go start on something else... and I end up having all sorts of things started and nothing finished! I'm all over the place! At home.. at school.. everywhere! HA  I always end up {most of the time} finishing the whatever it is I started.. but it just usually comes later. So hopefully this year I can do better with that as well!

I could go on and on about other things.. but I won't bore you with anymore! 

So friends, whatever your plans are for tonight and wherever the new year takes you I hope you enjoy it! I started this little thing called blogging a year ago today! I enjoy each and everyone of the blogs that I follow and get so many great ideas from all of you.. my teaching style has definitely spiced up since I jumped on the bloggin' waggon! :)

 To celebrate the new year and one year of blogging, I am having a sale in my TPT Store! Starting now through tomorrow you can get everything in my little TPT store for 20% off! Click the picture below to go my TPT store!

Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!



= said...

happy one year of blogging!!!

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year! Happy one year of blogging!

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