We started our penguin unit today. We began by discussing what we already know about penguins. I made one of the popular schema/what we learned/misconception charts that Cara, Babbling Abby, and Deanna Jump have made famous in blog land! It was definitely inspired by those lovely teaching super women! And the giant penguin I drew was inspired by sweet Cara! Although I know mine is nowhere near as wonderful as anything those ladies do.. my kiddos thought it was pretty good and well that made me feel pretty good! :) I recorded their responses onto post-it's and added them to the the penguin chart and while I added those responses to the chart, the kids added the very same responses to the K part of a KWL chart. Next, they filled out the W part of the KWL chart with what they want to know about penguins. When we finish our unit on penguins, students will finish the last column with what they learned.

Here is a little pic of the "schema" part of the chart and the things that my class "know" or "think they know" about penguins. These were all their responses and ideas... I just jotted them down and added to the chart. By the end of the unit they will find out if they were right about everything they thought they knew and if there was anything they were wrong or confused about. I will take a complete picture of the chart when we are completely finished. 

I read a few books about penguins and then we made penguins to display in the hallway. 

You can find this cutie penguin in my It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun unit at my TPT store. There is also a ton of other penguin activities in this unit too!!

Well that's all I got for tonight...good night sweet friends! :) It's almost FRIDAY!



Gladys said...

LOVE the penguins! Too cute!


Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

I love how you did your schema map on the penguin's belly! What a cute idea :)

Lisa :) (new follower)

Chrissy said...

I love your blog. I'm giving you and award. Please pop over and check it out! Chrissy

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