Snowman Fun & Ornaments

Well we officially dismissed early today due to snow for the first time this school year!! I love snow days.. even though it was only an hour and a half early and the snow didn't amount to much after we left... it was still nice! :)  The Kindergarten class next door must have really been excited about the snow and early dismissal because we could hear them through the wall while we were trying our best to finish our math before dismissing. One of my little sweeties calmly said "Geez Kindergarten, we are trying to learn in here!" HA  Too stinkin' precious!

Here is a little peek at a few things we have been up to lately....

We made these cutie snowmen ..

 You can find the pattern for the snowman along with tons of other fun, winter themed activities in my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit that is for sale in my TPT store

We have been busy making ornaments for our classroom tree... the reindeer hand print was pinterest inspired!

And we made candy canes using half of a chenille stem and red and white pony beads.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... I've been busy! Between after school tutoring, my birthday (a dinner and a lunch), attending two Christmas parties, getting my oil changed, and Dexter groomed I haven't had a whole lot of extra free time to blog these past few days. On a side note I had a wonderful 26th birthday... Mr. E surprised me with a dinner date at Nick's. We had a delicious dinner and then ice cream pie! Yum! And I got a ton of wonderful, sweet gifts! I really felt loved! :)

My fingers are crossed for 2 hours late in the morning! This is totally wishful thinking on my part, because the snow we got earlier didn't amount to a thing! but...... I have been told that you can wear your pajama's inside out, flush ice cubes down the toilet, and put a spoon under your pillow to help bring the snow on... so I bet you can guess what I am off to do! :)

Happy Hump Day Friends... it's almost Friday!


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