Turkey Fun!

Hey sweet blog friends! This week we have been learning all about turkeys. Yesterday, I read the book "All About Turkeys" by Jim Arnosky. The kids were really interested in this book and were super quite... I could have heard a pin drop they were so quite! Definitely out of the ordinary! HA  When I would point out some things in the book they would be like "show me, I didn't get to see!" or "where, where, where?" and "let me see it again!" They were excited let me tell ya! And well that makes me excited to see them so excited about LEARNING!!!!! After the story we created a can/have/are class chart about turkeys and the students each filled out one individually. I was surprised at how much the kiddos remembered about turkeys from the book... they had some great little tid-bits about turkeys to add to our can/have/are chart! They needed NO assistance coming up with ideas for each section of the chart! Makes my heart flutter! HA

Here is the the class can/have/are chart. Please ignore my messy handwriting and the poor lighting quality of the pic! :) I think I should have had an a in front of caruncle.. I was so excited about their responses I was jotting them down quickly! :)

Today we discussed what it meant to be thankful. We made these cute little turkeys and students wrote on the feathers what they were thankful for. I got everything from my family, to my teacher, and my go cart. One was even thankful for milk! :) I was especially proud to see that I made the cut for some! :)

Here is a closer pic of my turkey and what I was thankful for. 

You can get the pattern for this cute turkey and the can/have/are turkey activity in my Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! A Feast of Thanksgiving Fun unit that is for sale in my TPT store.

And when I last posted on Sunday I mentioned that it was my sweet little Dexter dog's birthday! Well here are a couple of pics from our 2nd birthday celebration! He had a fun little party and enjoyed two whole tasty cupcakes!! (hold the icing)  Can you say spoiled rotten????? Thanks for all your sweet comments about my little guy! I sure am one proud baby dog mama! :)  

Well that's all I got for tonight folks! 


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