Pilgrim Fun, Pumpkins, & a Sale!

Hey sweet blog friends! This past week we said good bye to October and hello to November! Where is the time going?? We began our Thanksgiving unit with learning about pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. Here is some pics of what we have done so far....

I loved reading their little responses to the pilgrim writing activity! This one pictured above was one of my favorites!!! I also got I would swim in water, I would cook and feed the babies, and I would ride a horse, and I would learn from the Indians. Love, Love, Love first grade writing!!!

You can find the the previous pilgrim writing/pattern along with other fun Thanksgiving activities in my Gobble, Gobble, Gobble A Feast of Thanksgiving Fun unit in my TPT store. 

We also made a tasty pilgrim inspired snazzy snack... Pilgrim Hats!

This next activity we did the Friday before last, but I'm late posting it.. better late than never, right? It was inspired by a recent blog post I had seen over at Oceans of First Grade Fun. We had been learning all about pumpkins, been to the pumpkin patch, and completed several pumpkin life cycle activities. When I saw the cute writing freebie she had on her blog I thought it would be a great idea to see if they could put the steps in order on there own. They did a wonderful job!!! I think they turned out real cute!

Above is one of the examples of the writing... First she said plant a seed, then grow a sprout (groth spft), next flower, then little green pumpkin, and last fully "gron" pumpkin.  LOVE! :) :)

And today is my sweet little Dexter dog's 2nd Birthday!!!!!! I have made cupcakes and have him some birthday goodies! Can you tell I love my little Dexter?? Well in honor of his 2nd birthday I'm throwing a sale in my TPT store!!! Until 7 pm central time you can snag everything in my store for 50% off!! Yes, 50% off!! The price shown when you view the items is 50% off the original price. :)  

Well, that's all I got for today friends, I'm off to finish watching the Nascar race.. Go Jimmie Johnson! And spend some time with my little birthday "boy" dog!



Delighted said...

I had a birthday party for my black lab when she turned one! It was awesome!! She got so many dog treats, bowls, leashes, etc. It was crazy!!!! But totally fun for everyone. I even had a dog cake for her.

First Grade Delight

Rachelle said...

caaaaaaaauuuutttteeee bulletin board!!!!!

Elisabeth said...

Thanks Rachelle!!!!!! :) Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog!!! :)

@ Delighted-- That party you had for your dog sounds wonderful!!! My little man enjoyed TWO cupcakes and tons of treats and a new toy! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Pam said...

Your baby is toooo cute! I'm available to babysit!

Mrs. Teacher said...

LOVE your doggie! I have a little girl who looks similar, but blonder, and is about that age. Love your blog, too.

Elisabeth said...

Thanks Pam!!!! I think he is pretty darn cute myself! :) You would fall in love with him if you baby sat him very long! :)

Mrs. Teacher- is your doggie a Yorkie Poo too? Dexter is just the best little guy ever! I'm fixing to do a hand print craft with him! HA I'm crazy over him! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you like it! :)