Fun with Magic E!

We've been working our magic on CVC words recently in room 4! What kind of magic am I talking about?? Well the MAGIC E magic! We've been changing short vowels into long vowel sounds!

For this activity, I hand out some letter cards that make a word to students and have them come up to the front of the classroom. My special helper gets the job of being the magic e. To make the magic e a little more special I purchased a black cape and a light up wand at the Dollar Tree and a sparkly black top hat from Party City (It was in the 40th birthday section-I removed the 40 ha!). It's a super simple, yet fun way to add a fun little touch to this activity!

Students come up with their letters and all together sound out the word with each student helper holding up their leter card as their classmates say the sound. For example we had the letters p, l, a, n and made the word plan. We then said our magic word “alakazzam” and my magic e comes and takes the wand and works its magic on the vowel in the word (a) and just like that we now have plane. Amazing! We then sound out it out see what our new word is. My kids really love it!! Be sure to remind your kids that when they sound out the new word that although that letter “e” is now there it doesn’t have a sound. They ask every day are we going to do the magic e today!? 
I've also had this anchor chart on display to help remind us how the magic e works.
I've added this Magic E Anchor Charts Made Easy Kit to my tpt store

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