Hidey! I wanted to stop by the blog tonight to share some data & graphing activities we did in room 4 this past spring and tell you about a new little pack that these activities are included in called 

Students were presented with a question of the day. I had some sports junkies this year.... so I thought I would start us out with "What's your favorite sport?"

I present the students with the question of the day. I supply each of my table groups with some choice cards and they pick their favorite and color it. We then it add to a large class graph. 

After everyone has cast their vote, we paired up with our math bud and did some turn & talk questions that we used our graph to answer. This is a great opportunity to hear their discussions and get an idea of who can correctly use the graph to answer the questions and who may need a little extra help. For the turn & talk questions, I laminate for durability and add a binder ring to the corner so it's easy for them to flip through the questions. Once I make these I can save them and re-use them from year to year! 

Lastly, we completed a craft. Whatever students voted for on the question of the day was the craft they made and then they filled out the graph based on how our classmates all voted.  I love how cute these crafts turn out!! 

The next day we did favorite ice cream flavor for the question of the day and this made us super hungry! :) Poor vanilla didn't get a single vote. Sad city!

Other question of the days included in this pack are favorite weather, fruit, and cookie. Each question of the day includes everything you need to make a large class graph, turn & talk questions, and a corresponding craft.

I also included a couple of graph the room activities that are perfect for a center/station.

You can check this out in my little tpt store! It's jam packed with lots of fun and engaging activities for your next data & graphing unit!

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