You're A Champion! {Field Day Fun!}

Hi ya! Today was last day and I'm officially on summer break! Wahoo!! So... I thought I better knock the dust off of my neglected little blog and pop in to share some things from the end of the year. 

I planned several themed days for the end of the year to help make it extra special and fun. 
One themed day we had was our First Grade Olympics. 

Our firsties competed in events such as the crab walk {my fave as a kid}, wheel barrel race, egg/spoon relay, sack race, and the 40 yard dash to name just a few.

After our events, we had an official award ceremony and announced the winners and passed out their medals. They were so excited to celebrate each others accomplishments and cheer each other on. 

After the awards ceremony, students wrote about their favorite event or what made them a champion. This sweetie's favorite was the soccer ball punt... she won 2nd place!
And they ended the day by making these cutie field day champion kids. This little guy added a cape to his. SO CUTE!

This one has a tuxedo shirt on. Love it! It says he's formal...but still likes to party. {What movie is that from???} I will send you a copy of this pack if you comment first with the correct movie. ;)

If you are looking to plan your own end of year Olympics {Track and Field Day} I've got a fun little pack with medals, certificates, and a writing craftivity to help make your day a fun success. 

Happy almost Friday!!!

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Unknown said...

Super cute activities! You must be so happy to be done! We still have 21 days left! Ahhh!

The quote you are referring to is from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky funny!

Happy Summer Vacation! :o)