Happy 100th Day!!

We celebrated the 100th day of school last Friday. This is always one of my most favorite days because the kids get so excited about it!

Every year I put activities inside a balloon and hang in them around the room. Throughout the day we pick a balloon to pop and do the activity inside the balloon. Some examples are 100 jumping jacks, write your numbers to 100, count to 100, do 100 high fives, 100 second dance session, when I'm 100 years old writing, if I had $100 writing, 100 seconds of silence {heavenly!}, and much, much more! They love this!
When I'm 100 years old... "I would let my grand kids come up to my house and my husband will help me walk." LOVE IT!

100 second dance session to a little cupid shuffle! Notice the sweetie in camouflage up front.. he is getting down!

I also set up stations around the room. Each student has a sticker chart... when they visit a station they put a sticker on their chart.

We also have our students make shirts {if they choose to} with a 100th day theme. This is me and my sweet co-teacher. 100 days popped on by and 100 days flew by. :)

If your looking for some fun activities for your 100th day celebration check out this little pack in my tpt store! :)

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