Oriental Trading and Classroom Wish Lists

Hi there! I wanted to pop in today to share with you some goodies that I'm currently loving/using from one of my favorite companies, Oriental Trading. Did you know they now have a wish list feature that is perfect to share with parents??

In my classroom I use classroom money called "Cricket Tickets" to reward positive choices, good behavior, and hard work. Students can in turn cash those tickets in on Friday to buy various things. One thing they can cash in for is goodies from the treasure box! I recently got this treasure box from Oriental Trading and my kids are going nuts over the goodies that it is filled with.
Another thing that students can purchase with their tickets is candy from the candy box. Oriental Trading is a great place to get all things candy. They have a huge variety to choose from and at great prices!

Next up, are these super cute little camping/forest themed treat boxes I found from Oriental Trading. Since I changed my theme this year I thought these would be perfect to put their Birthday goodies in. I fill them with candy, a pencil, and a bookmark and cootie catcher from Creative Teaching Press. 

Oriental Trading also has a great selection of Teacher resources. I found these amazing dry erase 120 boards. On one side the numbers are listed and on the other side it is empty. Perfect for students to use to write their numbers to 120, yet not having to use paper! It's a win, win! :)

Give students a transparent counter and these are an excellent resource to use when adding/subtracting 1 and 10.

Oriental Trading now has a new wish list feature!! Go to their website and create an account. Then begin browsing around the site and add all of the incredible items that you love or would like to use in your classroom to your wish list. Share the link to your wish list with parents your weekly newsletter. This allows parents who want to help out with classroom supplies, but aren't sure what you could use. 

Here are a few of the items on my long wish list...
These Color Your Own Bags are perfect for holiday parties! Students can decorate/color these and then fill them full with all of their goodies and treats.

I also love these All About Me Posters for my Camper of the Week (student of the week).

You can check out my wish list HERE and see all the other great items that I have my eye on for my classroom.

So what are you waiting for?? Head over to Oriental Trading and start making out your wish list and share them with parents! :)

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