Apple Week!

Last week we were all about apples and Johnny Appleseed in room 4. This is one of my absolute favorite units to do each year. 

We learned about Johnny Appleseed and made these cutie Johnny Appleseed crafts.

Students each brought in 2-3 apples and we used them for our apple investigations. We had so much fun measuring, weighing, and tasting our apples for the investigations.

We read a bunch of books about apples and completed a little KWL chart.
We also learned the life cycle of an apple and the parts of an apple. We made this little labeling craftivity to show off what we learned. One sweetie was munching on a apple today and pointed out the parts on their real apple. Melt my heart!

We did a taste test and the yellow apple was the favorite this year!

On Friday we ended our apple week by making some applesauce in the Crockpot. It was sooo good! Not to mention my room smelled heavenly all day! After lunch when my kids came back to the classroom they could really start smelling it, and were so excited they were saying I think it's ready for us to eat now. :) 

We also made an apple inspired snazzy trees! This is super simple... it's a sugar cookie with frosting and M&M's and a graham cracker for the trunk.

Well friends that was our apple week! Can't wait to do it all over again next year! :)

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