Wacky Wednesday!

It sure was a wacky day in first grade on Wednesday... It was Wacky Wednesday! We read the book Wacky Wednesday and done all kinds of wacky activities. Check out what some of our wacky day looked like...
Students came to school in wacky outfits. These are just a few.. They all looked so cute and had so much fun!
They came in to find some wacky things in the classroom. Here are a few ideas. I changed all the supply baskets and manipulative baskets to not match the tags, put the wrong date, everyone started their day on blue instead of green, and I turned the books backwards in the shelf. I also did things differently in our schedule, mixed up the numbers on the 100's chart, and rearranged some things not pictured. 
They did a spin the wacky/real word activity.
They did some wacky writing, a wacky find a buddy activity, and ended our day with a wacky snack... Banana Dogs!

We also did a scholastic news and learned all about Dr. Seuss. The kids were amazed to learn that Dr. Seuss is his pen name and not his real name. 

How was your day? Was it pretty wacky too? :) 

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