How I Spent My Spring Break {Writing Freebie!}

Hola blog friends and happy second day of spring! Last week we were on spring break. Eric and I spent the week in the Dominican Republic and we loved every single second! We relaxed by the pool and on the beach... ate, ate, and ate some my picture made with a monkey and some parrots...went on a dune buggy adventure and got all kinds of muddy...went to a foam party at the pool...and just enjoyed not having to be anywhere for the week but smack dab in the middle of paradise.
We had the absolute best much so that I was ready to stay there and just sell shells, braid hair, and live on love people! Ha! #kiddingnotkidding

I sure do love this handsome fella and all of our adventures we go on. Life with him sure is special and fun and I wouldn't trade it for the world. :) 

Gosh, he's cute!!!!! =)

Today, it was our first day back from spring break so I had my sweeties write about how they spent their spring break. Then they shared with the class what they did. 
While writing one sweetie asked me how to spell "cavin."
Here is how our conversation went:  
Student: "Miss Elisabeth, how do you spell cavin?"
Me: "cabin?"
Student: "no, CAVIN." (Saying it louder this time.)
Me: "Are you saying cabin?"
Student: "umm, no, I want to know how to spell cavin."
Me: "what's a cavin? I'm not sure I understand."
Different student: (starts laughing) and says to another student "Miss Elisabeth doesn't even know what a cavin is."
Student: "It's brown and in the woods."
Me: "You're talking about a cabin." 
Student: "no, I'm really not... I'm talking about a C-A-V-I-N." (Stressing each part of the word in a very loud voice) lol
Me: "ok, can you use it in a sentence for me?"
Student: "Yes. I stayed in a CAVIN for 5 days."
I finally convinced the little cutie that it was in fact a cabin. It did take quite a bit of persuading though. Ha!

You can grab this writing sheet as a little freebie! Just click HERE. :) 

Have a fabulous week! 

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It's Elementary! said...

Beautiful vacation pictures! Thank you for the freebie :)