Five for Friday! {February 6, 2016}

I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! Here are five random things from my week! 

I meant to do a groundhog prediction on Monday... and we had so much to do it just didn't happen. And then on Tuesday morning, some of them came in first thing and said he didn't see his shadow. So no prediction writing this year... But we did read some groundhog books and learned that groundhogs can I asked students if they could whistle and we made a little graph. I also made some groundhog cupcakes the night before to bring. They sorta look like groundhogs, right?? 

We learned all about Polar Bears this week! It's safe to say we may be Polar Bear experts now! ;) We also made a super tasty snazzy snack! I was pretty pumped when I seen the Blue Bell ice cream cups... I had no idea it was back in Tennessee! Blue Bell is my favorite!

We also learned all about friendly letters this week. My kids had to write a friendly letter to a classmate or someone else at school. These two cuties picked me to write too. I love what they wrote! Talk about melt my heart!! 

To kick off our Valentine activities for next week we read Froggy's First Kiss and made these cute Froggy and Frogilina craft from my Froggy's First Kiss Companion Pack. This may be one of my favorite crafts we do... they turned out sooo cute!
We have also been working hard with our station activities! Moby Max on the Kindles, graphing, Deedee's writing station, sentence writing, write the room, addition to 20 and so much more! 

Well friends that's my Five for Friday! I'm off to binge watch some One Tree Hill on Netflix and clean the house...wild times! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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