Teacher Week 2015 Wednesday: Classroom Tour

I'm joining in for Day 3 of Teacher Week with the girls from Blog Hoppin' to share with you a little tour of my classroom. I did a classroom reveal post last week with all of the details of where I got everything I used to get my room ready. If you see something you like and want the details of where it came from you can check that post here.
First stop on the tour is my writing station area... I think it is my most favorite!

To save space I used these amazing extra large library pockets from CTP! They can pick a writing activity from the writing board and get the corresponding sheet from one of these pockets! I laminated the pockets so I could write on them with a dry erase marker. These pockets are awesome! They hold up to 50 sheets of paper. I attached them to the wall with velcro. I love that it is all together and doesn't take up a ton of space on a shelf. 
Word Wall

Bubble Gum Words-- you can read a post all about how this works here

This is my little corner of the room.

Reading Focus Board-- I display the poem of the week and the reading focus skills here each week. Below are books in the classroom library. There is also a bottom row of tubs with books that didn't make the pic. 
Listening Center-- students will use the scoop chairs when at the listening chairs.In the tubs are listening station packs. I have the book, CD, and corresponding recording sheet in a ziplock bag.
Another little view of the classroom library. Sorry for the bad lighting! I place featured books in the book shelf. Currently it's all back to school books. I should have taken a pic of the entire library area. But maybe you get an idea of what it looks like. :)

Math Focus Board-- I add standards to this as we cover them. Currently we are focusing on addition and counting so they all aren't up there just yet.
Meeting area... We love carpet time! This is where a lot of our learning takes place. Behind it you can see the smart board, my teacher cart with laptop, flexcam, markers, flash cards, etc. and to the right of the teacher cart it's hard to see but it is the shelf with our center tubs and the Kindle Fire tablets.

This is a view from the back of the room at my small group table. This year I have my students in groups of four. I color code my groups. I have a green, purple, red, and blue group. Last year I got a class set of chair pockets from Seat Sack and I LOVE them so much!!! I washed them this summer and they looked good as new for my new group of firsties. In their chair pockets they keep their classwork folder, journal, etc.

Each group has a book shelf beside their group. This is where they place their SAFARI Books, journals, earbuds/headphones, etc. I started this last year and loved how it worked out!

Here is my small group table. The shelves behind have manipulatives and extra classroom supplies stored on it. And up top are some of my Kohls Cares friends hanging out.
Cubbies.. Student's put their lunchboxes, backpacks, and gym shoes in a cubbie. I use the extras to store books and classroom materials. My Kohls Cares friends are hanging out up top! :)
Clip Chart
Classroom door

Well that's my little home away from home. I hope you enjoyed the little tour! :)

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Your room is too cute!!!