Teacher Week 2015 Thursday: Sanity Savers!

I'm joining the girls at Blog Hoppin' for day 4 of Teacher Week. Today is all about sanity savers! 

Here are some of my sanity savers!

Copy, plan ahead, and stay organized!
The top left is a pic of some of my tpt units that I have purchased and printed and then stored in binders. This makes things so easy when prepping and planning! I'm not having to search all over for what I'm needing or having to reprint. I just grab the binder and I'm ready to go!

The top right pic is morning work copied for the whole month. I love copying several weeks in advance. It's nice to have things ready and not having to stress over last minute planning and prepping. I copy several weeks worth of journals, morning work, math, etc. I love that I'm ready to go each morning and not having to run to the copier last minute.

The bottom pic is our interactive reading journal activities copied and cut. I have these done and ready for all of September and October. I have found that it's so much easier to have these pre-cut for my firsties. It saves so much time... and definitely my sanity! I love interactive journals soooo much! But, the cutting last year could be somewhat an obstacle for some of my sweeties. This year I have pre-cut them and all they have to do is glue it in their journal and then start responding in their journals. I have found it works out so much better this way! I cut them any free chance I might have... recess, etc. I clip them together and store them in a colorful roll cart and they are ready for me when I need them! :)

Helping hands... 
My mom helps me out by cutting out all of our craft projects and puts them in individual zip lock bags. The kids each grab a bag and within 5-10 minutes they have created a cute craft project. This helps out so much! I lOVE crafts!! But, there isn't always a lot of extra time for crafts. This allows for us to squeeze it in to our busy day and helps take one thing off of my to-do list! I sure am thankful for my mama's sweet helping hands! I hope she knows how much I appreciate all she does to help me out in her free time when she isn't working at her regular job. :)

Take some time to pamper yourself with....
a pedi after school, a Route 66 sweet tea or Coke from Sonic, a yummy dessert, some new Lilly Pulitzer, take out dinner, date nights, or a spur of the moment weekend getaway! All of these are good for this teacher soul! :)

date night getaway to Opryland Hotel a couple of weeks ago.. love this guy!:)

TRAVEL! Spring and fall break {for sure!} and any other chance we might get in between we travel! Getting away is always a good sanity saver! Leaving your school bag behind and having no internet gives me a good chance to recharge my mind. If I wasn't gone somewhere I would totally work on school stuff the entire break. Getting away gives me a chance to recharge and take a little break from work for some me time.
This summer for a little getaway to Clearwater! :)

Cuddles with my fur baby... 
This cutie baby makes every day and everything better! Love his precious little heart!! 

Well that's my sanity savers! How do you save your sanity??

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