Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum In a Dish...Bubble Gum Words!

Hey, hey blog friends! I just finished day #5 with new group of firsties! And I need to do a classroom reveal post and share what we have been up to these first few days....But today, I wanted to pop in and share something new I am doing this year to help my firsties learn their sight words. In addition to our weekly high frequency words that go with our reading series, I am also having my kiddos learn the Fry words at their own pace. I wanted something to get them excited and motivated about learning the words.. so this summer I was thinking about ideas I could do and I decided to name the words "Bubble Gum Words!" Who doesn't love a good ole piece of bubble gum?? Especially when your 6 and don't normally get to chew gum in class! ;)  

So what are Bubble Gum Words? Bubble Gum Words are the 1,000 Fry words. I have broken them down into 10 sheets... each sheet containing 5 lists of 20 words for a total of 100 per sheet. All students will start out on sheet 1 and will work at their own pace. I will ask students the words during small group reading time and as we have extra time. I color code the lists... For example, I have copied list 1 on Astrobrights Solar Yellow paper. All students have a copy of sheet one in their SAFARI Book-- take home binder. 

As students master a list on their sheet, I will hole punch it. This lets parents know that list is mastered so they will go on and start practicing the next list.

To keep up with their progress, each student has a gumball machine. I have also copied them on Solar Yellow paper to match sheet one. Below is a picture of the display I have in my classroom. 

If you like the display check out these great items I used from from Creative Teaching Press!

Painted Palette Pennants 6" Designer Cut-Outs

Their name goes in the box at the bottom of the machine.
As a student masters a list on their sheet, they take a crayon and color in a gum ball in their machine.

When they master all five lists on a sheet and fill up a gumball machine they will move on to the next sheet and get a new gumball machine. The new sheet and gumball machine will be a new color. So for sheet two I might copy it on orange paper. The third list might be blue and so on. Each time a student fills up a gum ball machine and learns all 5 lists on a sheet they get rewarded with a piece of bubble gum! :) So far students are doing great and seam super eager to their "Bubble Gum Words!" I look forward to them. I'm excited to add an extra way of learning sight words and help build fluency. 

If you are looking for a way for your students to learn extra sight words and like this idea, you can check out Bubble Gum Words in my little tpt shop. This pack is jam packed with everything you need to implement this in your classroom...word sheets for all 1,000 Fry words, three different tracking options, award certificates, and some editable pages!


Have a great week! I will be back soon with a classroom reveal post! :)

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