Make Your Masterpiece! #tptsellerchallenge

Hey blog friends! I'm joining in on the #tptsellerchallenge for week 3 make your masterpiece! We had a week and half to complete this challenge. And I managed to get TWO masterpieces done! YAY!! 

My new Bubble Gum Words pack was inspired when I was trying to think of ways to get kids reading more fluently by incorporating the fry words into our classroom learning. I can't wait to implement Bubble Gum Words this upcoming year with my firsties. Bubble Gum Words is a Fry Words fluency building pack that is a fun way to get your students excited and motivated to learn the fry words aka "bubble gum words." And what kid doesn't love bubble gum?? Especially when we don't normally get to chew it! It will make learning those "bubble gum words" so much more fun and appealing!! :)  When I get my progress tracking display made in my room for this I will blog all about it and how I plan to use this pack in my classroom! :) So stay tuned for a detailed post!

My new Dinosaur Shenanigans pack was inspired last of the stories with our reading series is about Dinosaurs. I like for my stations and activities for the week to tie in with the reading story when possible. I started this pack last fall.. however I just didn't even put a good dent in getting it finished and then the story came and gone and I then just put the pack on the back burner. This seller challenge was the push I needed to get this pack finished and posted! Now when we get to that story I will have this ready to go! :)

You can snag Bubble Gum Words and Dinosaur Shenanigans for 50% off for the next several days! Leave me a comment here for a chance to win both packs! :) I will pick some winner{s} next week when I get back from the beach! Head over to my FB page for an extra chance to win! :)

I'm so sad I'm not in Vegas like so many of you are and I definitely have a bad case of FOMO going on!! BUT this girl IS headed to the BEACH tomorrow!! So I think I will feel tons better about all this Vegas business when my toes are in the sand tomorrow!! ;)

Be sure to visit these fabulous ladies to find out more about the challenges and check out all of the other tpt sellers who joined in for the #tptsellerchallenge! 

Sparkling in Second

Happy Wednesday!


Julie Casola said...

Just spent some time looking at your products and LOVE them! I LOVE how the children can add a gumball to their gumball machine craft each time they master a word. How motivating!

Texas Teaching Gal said...

Way to go on getting TWO masterpieces done! I love the gumball idea. I can't wait to see the tracking progress.

Texas Teaching Gal

Suzy Q said...

I'm in the same boat...we have a dinosaur story that would be great to have additional activities for...IF I got them ready in time!

Kimberly Scott Science said...

Great job on completing 2 masterpieces. They look great. I too hope to make it to Vegas some day. I am sure they are all having a fabulous time.