Sunday Smorgasbord: June 8, 2014

Since I have neglected my little blog lately I decided I better do a catch up post and since it's all sort of random I thought it would be fun to link up with the fabulous Michelle for a little Sunday Smorgasboard post. {I am going to try my best to do a weekly Sunday Smorgasbord post to keep myself up-to-date on blogging... because if I was a blog I sure wouldn't want to be neglected like this one has been! ha}

Well I've been out of school for the summer for two weeks...TWO weeks people! and I never even blogged aobut any of the end of year stuff we did. Sadsville!
So here goes...

The last week of school I did a theme each day. Here is the note I sent home about it.

Monday we camped out under the stars (I put stars on the ceiling) and we made s'mores for a special snack. The kids loved it! 

Tuesday was an outside "picnic" day. The kids had a blast playing with outside toys and just enjoying being together. A sweet parent sent in watermelon and popsicles for our special snack that day.

Wedneday was our "carnival day." Students brought board/card games and they played those. Later in the day I got the school's popcorn and snow cone machines and made popcorn and snow cones for our special snack. I was too busy making those tasty snacks that I forgot to snap any pics! :(

Thursday was the last day and it was our "beach day." Students wore beach wear and we spent extra time outside that day. 

I made these pinterest inspired beach cupcakes for our last day special party. They turned out super cute!


I found these cool cups at the Dollar Tree and thought they would be a perfect end of the year gift. I used the super cute tag from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

One of the other end of the year activities we did was a book swap. I do this every year and it is a perfect way for the kids to get new books for... FREE! The kids simply brought up to 5 books that they had already read and were finished with. They went home with the same number of books they brought to school, except they were new-to-you books. :)


So since I've been out for summer break I was able to relax a little the first week off...minus one day of inservice. And then the second week I was in a math grant all week. I've gotten some great ideas and can't wait to share them with you! I have 3 more days to go of the math grant this week and then it's really hello summer! 

One of my favorite things about the summer is the lake. People, I can catch a blue gill with the best of em! :)

Well that's my Sunday Smorgasbord and catch up post! 

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