Reading Street Interactive Reading Journal Printables

Hey, hey! Although it's summer break I can't seem to turn my teacher/school brain off. Does anyone else have this problem?? I have been working on a new project to supplement with our reading series. Last year, I used interactive journals for math and reading and me and my kiddos LOVED them! I wanted to do more with our reading series for this upcoming year... so I started working on a little project this week and I finished unit 1 today! Yay! 

The activities found in this pack are aligned to the 2013 Scott Foresman Reading Street text book series for First grade. These are fun and engaging activities to be used as a supplement to the reading series. Interactive reading journals are a wonderful, fun way to keep students engaged. These are a great resource for students to refer back to as a review throughout the year. Students collect learning throughout the year in their journals and they can be a great grading tool for you to use when filling out report cards. Interactive journals can also serve as a portfolio of student progress, growth and creativity.

This interactive journal printables pack is a supplement for Unit 1 Animals, Tame and Wild of the Scott Foresman Reading Street for First Grade series. The activities in this pack will help students practice and learn the following:
-high frequency words
-language arts
-close reading

The unit 1 pack includes two different covers {a girl and a boy} for the interactive student journal, as well as high frequency word lists. These will not be included in the other units as you will need to start out with them in unit 1. :) 

I will also be making interactive packs for units 2-5 and will post them as I get those finished. 

You can check this pack out HERE. :)

That's all I got for tonight! Have a great week! :)

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