Hip, Hip Hooray! It's the 100th day!

Room 04 is 100 days smarter!! After missing a bunch of days for snow, dismissing early one day, and going a few days on a 2 hour delay we finally got to celebrate the 100th day of school! And I'm just now blogging about it! ha We actually went 2 hours late on our 100th day....which cut our celebration short, but we were excited to celebrate anyways! Here is a peek at some of the things we did to celebrate being 100 days smarter!

I made cupcakes for our celebration! Any excuse to bake something sweet and I'm all over it! :)

We completed activities from Kathleen's precious 100th day pack. If you don't have this it's a must have! :)

One of the activities from her pack was for students to be 100th day detectives and find numbers displayed around the room and color those in on a paper to reveal a mystery number... can you guess what  the mystery number was??

I hung balloons with different 100th day activities in each balloon. Throughout the day I popped balloon and students completed whatever activity was inside the balloon. Some examples are 100 sit ups, count to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's, 100 jumping jacks, touch your nose 100 times, touch your toes 100 times, 100 sit-ups, draw 100 shapes, 100 seconds of silence {pure bliss! ha :) } and 100 high fives. The 100 high fives I believe was the kiddos favorite! :) I have done this for the past few years and the kids have loved it! They get so excited and in suspense as to what the activity will be. Fun stuff!

100 high fives! :)

Students wrote about when they are 100 years old... This was another activity in Kathleen's pack.

We dressed as 100 year olds. :)

We made a tasty 100th day trail mix. Anytime a snack is involved I hear a lot of kiddos saying "wow, this is the best day ever!" :)

Some other things that I forgot to snap a pic of......
We made a list of 100 words we know. Students brought in a 100th day collection of items in a brown paper sack with 3 clues. Students took turns sharing their clues and we would guess what their collection was. Some of the items I had this year were buttons, cheerios, paper clips, pennies, marshmallows, and q-tips. Students also wrote what they could not do on the first day and what they can now do on the 100th day. Some of the responses were spell, read, and do math. :)

Well that was our celebration in a nutshell! Have a great week!

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Sarah said...

You look like someone that I would LOVE to have teach my kiddos!!! Such a fun day and the 100 year old thing is just too funny. :)