Froggy's First Kiss: Making Predictions

Love is in the air in room 04. Today we started our Froggy's First Kiss unit. This is one of my favorite Froggy books and books to read for Valentine's Day. It's full of cuteness!!

We started out by making a prediction in our reading journals about what we thought the book Froggy's First Kiss would be about.

{Sorry about these sideways pics... they are turned around right on the computer but then inserted like this... who knows! ha}

 {His first kiss.}

{Froggy Kisses a girl "frogg."}

After making our predictions we read the book Froggy's First Kiss. Students giggled the whole time! Especially when Froggy got kissed!! :)  

Then students wrote what happened in the story. 

{He got kissed by Frogilina and gave  his mom a big "Hart".} 

We also made a cute Froggy and Frogilina craft for our hallway bulletin board. Total cuteness!!

Have you seen the new line of color me cut-outs from Creative Teaching Press? They are just perfect little additions to your bulletin boards!

Click here to view larger image

My class LOVES to color so they were excited about these! Plus they were quick and no prep {no copying, cutting, or gluing....Just some good ole coloring!} LOVE, LOVE!! 

If you like the Froggy activities you can check out the companion pack by clicking the pic below. :) 

I'll be back with more Froggy activities soon! :)  

That's all I got for tonight! Have a great week!

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