Welcome to the Jungle! {Classroom Pics}

Long time no blog! Well to say that I have been t-totally BUSY would be an understatement.. My poor little blog has been neglected due to all the busy that has taken up ship in life. I wanted to pop in and blog since it had been awhile and share with you a little classroom tour. For the past five years I have done a star/rock star theme. This summer I was working in my room and was so over all the stars! That same day when I went home I had a Carson Dellosa catalog in the mailbox and instantly fell in love with their new wild style. So I said good-bye to my stars and hello to a whole lotta zebra print! ha   Anyways, I have had these pics on my phone from the beginning of school (over a month ago..yikes!)..... I have changed/added a few things since taking the pics but these will have to do for now. :)

Wild about work display. This item was what sold me on a new theme! LOVE! :)

 My top banana display in hall.,. it's missing the top banana poster. You can read all about my top banana HERE


Sorry for the horrible pic above! Bad lighting in hallway..
This is the back to school bulletin board we made with the cute monkeys from my Swinging into a New Year {Back to School Activities Featuring Curious George} pack. Do you like the bulletin board? Will you pretty please vote for it HERE? :)


Cubby numbers from Creative Teaching Press {I love their monkey line!!!}. this year I decided to give everyone a number. I'm really liking it so far and it makes lining up sooooo much better/easier! 

Cubbies... this is where they keep their backpacks, gym shoes, coats, etc. Each student has their own cubby.

Compliment tree... I posted about this HERE.

Reading and Math Focus wall {ignore the bareness! ha} and writing board {from cupcake's writing center starter kit} below those boards are the computers for centers {when they decide they want to work! ha} our book boxes, and the listening center table

Roll/Lunch count..... I used this system last year and LOVED it! Hands down the easiest way that I've found to take attendance and do lunch count. Each morning I tell the students what the choices are. Then I call them by groups to go vote. They move their clip from absent ribbon over to the lunch of their choice or at the bottom if they brought it from home. Once everyone has voted I fill out the slip for the cafeteria ladies and then if anyone is left on absent I fill out absentee slip for those names.

Rules and box top charts. You can find the rules here for free! :)

Meeting area and behavior to roar about clip chart.... you can get the levels I used on the palm tree clip chart here!

new word wall... ignore the glue gun that is totally photo bombing the word wall pic!  and the incredibly dirty board. This pic was taken before school started and I hadn't cleaned the board yet! Oh and if I would have decided to change my theme sooner than what I did this would not have been this color..... however I worked too hard on it to tear it down and start over and with the time crunch I was on this would just have to do. Notice that I did add a little jungle to it with the word wall letters on the side. haha

Brain Breaks....You can get these here for free! I found the little container at Hobby Lobby on clearance and knew I could do something with it.

I hope you enjoyed the iPhone picture tour of my little classroom jungle! Since I decided with  only a few weeks left of summer to change my theme I didn't get a chance to do everything I wanted to do to it. But so far I'm loving it and excited for the theme change. I can't wait to add/do more to it as I have time. 

Have a great week!

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The Colorful Apple said...

Your room looks great! I'd love to hear more about your work board!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple