Penguins and Winter Fun!

Hi blog friends! It feels like ages since I've blogged! Sorry for being so MIA... maybe I will get better at getting on here more often. I just wanted to pop in real quick and share what we have been up to lately. We have been having all sorts of fun learning about penguins and doing other winter themed activities  Here is a little peek...


We made penguins and snowmen from my It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun unit!



Tasty penguin treat!


Cara inspired penguin schema chart.  And a penguins can/have/are chart

We have been doing a ton of activities from my It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun unit. I went to update the unit a couple weeks ago and it was missing from my computer!! EEK!!!! All I had was the pdf file, which does me know good since I was wanting to edit/add to the unit. So, I had to completely start from scratch. Bummer!!! :(   Anyways, I finally have it finished and uploaded to my little TpT shop. It has compeltely doubled in size!! So if you already have this unit please go back and download it again! I hope you will love the new activities I added. :)


Here is what you will get in this unit:

-Tacky the Penguin Venn Diagram 
-Adjectives that Describe Tacky the Penguin Bubble Map 
-Tacky the Penguin Story Recall- Beginning, Middle, End 
-Tacky the Penguin Real/make Believe activity 
-Penguins can/have/are sheet and chart cards
-All About Penguins Booklet (copy the number of desired sheets for the students to complete in their booklet. They will write and draw about penguins on these sheets.)
-Penguins KWL Chart 
-Penguin craftivity- pattern and writing page 
-Penguins writing paper
-How to Build a Snowman writing sheet and craft
-12 winter themed math journal prompts 
-Snowballs Story Cause & Effect sheet 
-Roll a Snowball math center game 
-Snowball Vowel Fun center game
-Paper Plate Snowman crafitivity pattern 
-Do you like hot chocolate class graphing activity and recording sheets
-If I Were A Snowman writing sheet
-Winter Addition Fun math center activity & recording sheet 
-Winter Fun ABC order & recording sheet 
-Winter Rhyming words center activity & recording sheet
-Winter Fun Read the Room center activity & recording sheet
-Winter writing paper
-Snowman making words center activity & recording sheet
-Winter Fun sentence scramble center activity & recording sheet
-Winter Syllables center activity & recording sheet

-Walrus craft pattern
-Walruses can/have/are sheet and chart cards
-Walruses writing paper
-All About Walruses book
-Walruses KWL Chart
-Walrus craftivity pattern
-Polar Bears can/have/are sheet and chart cards
-Polar Bears KWL Chart
-All About Polar Bears book
-Polar Bears writing paper

In addition to the penguin and snowman crafts that are pictured above that you can find in this unit, I have also added this cutie patootie little walrus craft!


Like what you see in this unit? You can check it out HERE! :)

Well that's all I got for tonight... I hope to be back soon! Have a great week!



Cupcake said...

I was just thinking about possible penguin snacks! So cute!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

vicky1970 said...

Hi Elisabeth,
We have made those adorable penguins snacks in the past too...very cute!
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