Apples & Johnny Appleseed Fun!

Happy Sunday blog friends! We started our apple unit this past week. We began by learning about Johnny Appleseed. First, we talked about what we already knew about Johnny Appleseed. We then talked about some questions that we have about Johnny. Next, I read the class several different books about Johnny Appleseed. And last, we discussed what we learned about Johnny Appleseed. We completed a little KWL chart for this activity. Students completed individual sheets while I wrote our responses on the board.

Here is a pic of the KWL chart... *Definitely* nothing fancy...but hey it works! :) (and ignore my handwriting..EEK!) Handwriting on the board should have been a college course! HA

Then made a cutie Johnny Appleseed for our hallway bulletin board.

We also started learning all about apples. Before we began we talked about "Schema." (what we know) I added their responses to the apple chart. Next, we read several books about apples and as we learned something new we added it to our apple chart. We aren't finished with our apple chart yet.. but I wanted to post we have done so far.

I have tons more planned to do with apples this week, but I wanted to go ahead and share what we had done so far! 

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I also had a few requests for just the Johnny Appleseed pattern. So I made a little pack with the Johnny Appleseed craft pattern and a few sheets that are just about Johnny! You can check it out here

Have a great Sunday!! 



Cupcake said...

I love your apple chart!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Rachel Seymour said...

What cute activities! We're starting our apple unit this week. LOVE your apple chart! We're going to make one too! :)


Unknown said...

Super cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!
I just found your blog and am excited to be a new follower!
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