Apples, Apples, Apples! & Fall Fun Unit!

Hi blog friends! Just dropping in to share what we have been up to lately.. Apple style! We have been doing tons of apple activities the past couple of weeks. Here is a peek at we've been up to...

We labeled the parts of an apple and then made a little apple parts craftivity. I was out of red construction paper..GRR! So for this project the kiddos colored these instead. You can find this labeling craftivity in my Bushels of Fun with Apples unit in my TpT store. :)

We made our first special snack of the year... Apple Smiles! YUM!

We did an apple taste test and then graphed our votes.

This next idea came from the sweet Cara Carroll. We learned that a label gives us information about a picture. And then we labeled Johnny Appleseed. :) {This activity was perfect to introduce labeling because our reading series story we were reading had the parts of an insect labeled and some of my sweeties were asking what it was or meant.} 

I made a sheet for students to label too. Here is a pic of the sheet that my students completed as we labeled Johnny together. If you would like this you can download it in my TpT store for free! :)

 Since we are finishing up with our apple/Johnny Appleseed fun we will be starting to do some fall themed activities soon. I finally completed my Fall Fun unit that I've been working on! In this unit you will get the following:

-Happy Fall Squirrel craftivity pattern
-The Leaves on the Trees literature activity/book
-Leaf Hunt activity- class graph/cards for class graph/leaf observation sheet
-Fall Fun ABC Order center activity and recording sheet
-Have you ever been on a hayride- class graph sheet, data sheet, cards for class graph
-Hay Ride Time center activity and recording sheet
-Falling for Rhyming words center activity and recording sheet
-Fall Fun Sentence Scramble center and recording sheet
-Falling Leaves graphing center activity and recording sheet
-Fall bubble map sheet
-Fall writing sheet
-Fall Fun Read the room center activity and recording sheet
-Leaf Adjectives craftivity pattern
-Falling Leaves Addition center activity and recording sheet

You can get my Fall Fun pack in my TpT store! :)

Well if you made it this far in this LONG post yay!! That's all I got for tonight. I would love to give the first person to comment my new fall pack for FREE! :)



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