What We've Been Up To & A Sale!

Well another month in this new school year as gone by. We have learned all about bats, and we went to the pumpkin patch this week for our first field trip of the year. We also learned all about pumpkins and did several pumpkin activities. (pictures to come) I think my kiddos have the life cycle of a pumpkin down to a fine art! 
Monday is Halloween... This year I decided to spice it up a little and do a Halloween breakfast instead of a candy exchange/cupcake kinda party like usual. Students signed up to bring in a tasty breakfast item for our Halloween breakfast. It's too late now with Halloween on Monday, but if you would like to file this idea away for next year, you can get the note by clicking on the picture below!

And If you need some fun activities to do on Halloween in your classroom check out my Octoberween Fun unit that is for sale in my TPT store... and snatch it up now while it is on sale!! Normally it is $6.50 and I have it marked down to $3.50! :)

Here is a little preview of what you will get in the unit!

This unit is full of fun activities to do with your kiddos...everything from bats, pumpkins and activities to go along with the following favorite Halloween stories.... Skeleton Hiccups, Scaredy-Cat, Splat, and Room on the Broom. 

Happy Friday night friends!! YAY for the weekend!


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