Out of this World Fun with Shapes

Hey everyone! I'm on fall break this week! Wahoo!!!! I don't know about you all but I was ready.. and it was much needed! I hope the remaining of the days drag on because I'm really enjoying being home with sweet Dexter dog.
When I return from fall break I will be getting evaluated..(yuck) and here in Tennessee we have a new evaluation system this year (double yuck!). So I've been stressed to the max trying to come up with the perfect lesson. We will be starting the geometry topic in our math series when we return from fall break and the first few lessons are about plane shapes. I searched the web and didn't come up with very many shape ideas (I probably wasn't looking in the right spots, right?! HA HA)... so I decided to create just a few things of my own. I have seen those oh so cute "shape monsters" on several websites/blogs (Mrs. Lee's and Kindergarten Rocks to name a couple wonderful ones!) and was dying to do these with my kiddos. However I couldn't find a pattern anywhere so one of the things I made was a pattern for my version of them called "shape aliens." I have a new packet for sale in my TPT store called "Out of this World Fun with Shapes!" 

In this unit you will get the following:

-Shape Alien Glyph 
-Shape Characteristic Cards for Class Chart 
-Shape Scavenger Hunt Activity 
-All About Shapes Book 
-A Circle in the Sky art/writing activity 
-Shape Memory Directions/Game 
-Shape Hunt Game 

Check out the unit at my TPT Store!!

Happy Hump Day Friends! 


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