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I got the sweetest email from Liz at First Grade Frenzy informing me that I had made her top 10 blog list! I was excited that someone found my little ole blog worthy of anything let alone a top 10!!! Thanks Liz!!!
Liz is a sweet gal and we were accessory swap partners back in the spring. If you haven't checked her out please do!!

Here are my top 10 (although it's hard to just pick 10.. and then some of my favorites have also already been awarded and we are suppose to find some that haven't been.) 

Mrs. Bainbridge at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class
Her classroom website inspired me to start my classroom website. Her ideas are out of this world and she is so sweet too!!!!!! She has been an inspiration!

Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade
Although I'm positive that she has received dozens and dozens of these awards (she hasn't posted about it yet.. so I'm gonna go ahead and give her a shout out because I just love her and her blog!!) Her AMAZING blog inspired me to jump on the blog wagon! She is full of talent and is such an inspiration! I swear I wasn't really teaching until I started reading her blog! And she cooks too! :) I'm pretty sure she is my teacher idol! :)

Michelle Oakes at Fabulous in First
I love her ideas, blog, and her cute little classroom!!!!! 

Rachelle and Natalie at What The Teacher Wants
Their blog is AMAZING and their management tips are WONDERFUL!!!!! I LOVE their freebies!!!

This is a wonderful blog and I got the best little writing journals there this summer that I am loving using this year!

This gal has the best craft projects!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this blog..especially for all things crafty!! 

Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple
Her ideas are mind blowing! She has made me want to be a better teacher and since following her blog I definitely have! I owe finally finding a classroom theme to her too.. her rock star theme was right up my alley! :)

Sara Cooley at First Grader..At Last!
She is oozing with creativity and I just love her neat ideas!!!

Stephanie at First Grade Fabulous Fish
This was one of the first blogs I found and I fell in love with her good ideas!

Leslie at Life in First Grade
This gal has a ton of wonderful center ideas!! Love her neat ideas!

Well there ya go blog buddies....Gosh it was really hard to just pick 10 when I'm following so many awesome blogs!! So If I am following you then you were an inspiration to me!!!! You will never know what it means to email someone in blog land and them reply back! I have found some wonderful people/teachers in blog land and I appreciate all the inspiration and ideas I find on a daily basis. I have become a better teacher because of all of you! :) So thanks for everything! Each and every one of you are pretty awesome! :)

Top 10 TBA

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Anonymous said...
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Christina Bainbridge said...

Hooray! Thanks so much for adding me as part of your top 10 blogs! :)

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

Unknown said...

Thank you for adding me to your Top 10!! You are so sweet! I've never been to your blog before and I am soooo excited to be following now because I have a 1st grader. Can't wait to use some of your awesome ideas!

Rachelle said...

Ok you are SOOOO SWEET! You seriously made my stinkin' day!!!! I was having one of those days and I got your email....THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Elisabeth said...

Rachelle-- I'm sooo glad I could make your day! That makes my day just to know that I made yours! HA! :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you!! You are too sweet!! :)