Howdy Pardner!!

Howdy pardners! It's Wild Wild West time in our first grade class. Last week we started my Wild Wild West unit that I have for sale at my TPT store. 

Students made real and nonsense words using the letters in cowboy and cowgirl and compound words by finding matches to words printed sheriff badges. 

We read Cowboy Camp by Tammi Sauer and made a snazzy snack, "Cowboy Sandwiches."

And we made some cutie patootie cowboys and cowgirls!

If you like what you see here then check out this unit at my TPT store! :)

 be on the look for more things cowboy related this week.

In other news me and handsome Mr. E went to Gatlinburg this weekend with his family. We had a nice little time.... always nice to get away for a bit and relax. Too bad I had papers to grade and house work waiting on me to do when I got back this evening. :(  Here are a few pics from the weekend.

That's all I got for tonight! 


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Anonymous said...

These look so cute! Great idea!