My FIRST TPT Unit Uploaded!!!!!

Well blog friends this is my second week off on summer break. I have been busy working on things for next school year! I should be doing something outside and resting my mind but my mind is working overtime thinking about next school year! So I might as well let the creative juices take over and work on things for school! :)  I spend and spend on my classroom and my kiddies so I have decided to try to create some things to help support my classroom spending fund! :) I have been working on an apple unit this past week and finally finished it. I just uploaded it to TPT and it is my very FIRST item up for sale! I also have included a little free apple game that is a supplement to the unit as well.... you can also find it at my TPT store! Here are some pics of the craft projects that are included in the unit!

 This unit includes the following:
10 apple themed math journal prompts
Johnny Appleseed art project & activities
Apple Adjectives art project & activities
2 math games (1 game has some blank cards included incase an alterante version wants to be created! :) )
1 vowel game
All About Apples Book
Comparing Apples/Pumpkins Venn Diagram
Apple glyph art project/activities
Favorite Apple Class Graph

I also uploaded a free game as a supplement to this unit.

You can visit my new TPT store HERE!



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This looks great, I sooo need to try this soon! Thanks!
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