Supply Labels Freebie

Happy Wednesday morning blog buddies! Here are some supply labels that I made that I plan to use to put on some of my plastic storage containers that we keep glue, crayons, scissors, etc in. CLICK HERE for the labels and if that doesn't work then visit my TPT Store to pick them up there for FREE!!

The graphics I used for the labels are from Thistlegirl Designs. The labels are Avery 2"x4". Enjoy! :)



Lisa said...

Elisabeth, I must be doing something wrong-Google gives me an error that says the file is too large. They sound adorable, though!
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teachermom said...

Having trouble loading the label page. :(

Elisabeth said...

I'm sorry girls! :( I don't know what I did wrong. I made it public on the web in my google docs and I have tested the link and it is working for me. Any suggestions?

Ashleigh said...

How do you attach your labels to your baskets?

Elisabeth said...

I use the clear plastic containers to store glue sticks, crayons, etc in and I just print them off onto labels and then attach them to the container. Hope this helps.