End of Year Fun Ideas

Hey, Hey!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! We are down to 8 days left of school until sUmMeR vAcAtIoN!!!! whoot whoot!!! This time of year is so busy and hectic it is hard to get a whole lot done... well it is for me anyways! We are winding down and have finished almost everything which gives us more time to do FUN stuff! :) Here are a few FUN end of the year activities that I plan to do with my kiddos.

**Game Day-- Invite students to bring a family friendly board game or card game to school to share with the class. Allow students to take turns playing each game in groups by rotating until everyone has had a chance to play each game. To add a fun educational twist to it record data to show results of the games or have students vote on which game was their favorite and then make a class graph and analyze that data.

**Book Swap Day-- Invite students to bring up to 5 old story books to school for a book swap! Students will go home with the number of books they brought to the swap...except they will be "new to you!" This is a wonderful way to encourage summer reading and what better way to do it then by getting "new to you" books that are FREE! :)
CLICK HERE for the documents I made that I plan to send home explaining both of these fun days! :)

**Mrs. Buckley at Diary of a First Grade Teacher has a super duper cutesy autograph book for firsties that I printed and copied today! I plan on letting my kiddos do this one day as well. I think it will be a wonderful keepsake for them to remember their first grade pals with! Thanks for sharing Mrs. Buckley! And if you haven't checked it out.. YOU...MUST...GO.. NOW! :)

What end of the year fun do you plan on doing with your kiddos???



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Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I am anxious for summer too! I love your game day idea. Such a great idea for when the desks have been cleaned out and stacked and there's not much left to do.