Fire Safety Week!

We had our fire safety week a couple weeks ago. We learned about all fire safety and a firefighter's job and tools. 

Abby from the Inspired Apple's monthly anchor charts are my absolute favorite! They are so cute, tie in with your monthly themes, and are super easy and quick. You can find this one in October Anchor Charts and Posters.

I used these firefighters from my sweet friend Jenny at the Multicultural Classroom's Community Helper Research Project packet. Be sure to check her out! She has great products.

I've been using my sweet friend Tiffany from The Lemonade Stand's monthly interactive read aloud lessons this year for my core reading instruction. Her lessons are amazing! This little guy can be found in October.

We ended our week with a visit to our local volunteer fire dept. One of our firstie parents was so kind to give us a tour and tell us all about his job as a volunteer fire dept. 

Well friends, that's all I got for today... Don't forget to stop, drop, and roll! Happy Sunday!

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