All About Plants!

This week were all about plants in room 4! This is one of my favorite units to do each year. 

We planted flowers on Monday. 

We made these cute flower friends by the sweet Cara Carroll. This is one of my favorite flower/plant activities that I do every year! I love how cute they turn out!

We also labeled the parts of a flower. 

We made a Cara inspired chart with our schema, our new learning, and misconceptions. We read lots of non-fiction text this week to add to our new learning. We had one misconception-- Bees get honey from flowers. We cleared that up real quick and learned that bees get pollen from honey! :)

We completed a are/can/have/need chart about flowers. This is also from Cara's Flower Friends pack. I didn't get a chance to make a cute chart, so I just projected this on my smart board. Works like a charm! :) Ignore my terrible smart board handwriting. ;)

On Friday, we watched The Magic School Bus Gets Planted and enjoyed a plant inspired snazzy snack... dirt cups! yum yum! :)

Well friends that's all I've got for tonight! Have a great week!!

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