Monday Ramblings {A This and That Post}

Happy Monday! Here is a little of this and a little of that random post with some of what we have been up to lately in room 4.

Today we did a couple things for the hallway bulletin board. Easter snuck right up on me this year! I can't believe it's this Sunday!

We made this cute Easter chicks today from my Hippity, Hoppity Easter Fun unit. 

Hippity, Hoppity Easter Fun!

 And we also colored some Color Me Eggs Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press. The color me cut-outs are always the perfect little addition to spice up the bulletin board. 

Last week we read the story Hooway For Wodney Wat and completed the guided reading activities from Deedee and Deanna's February Guiding Readers unit. Due to missing so much in February, we are just now getting around to this story. It is such a cute story and the kids loved it! Below was one of the activities we did... sequencing the story in our Reading Journals. I had my kids write a small sentence below each picture to retell what was happening. I snapped the pic a little early... this little cutie hadn't made it to the writing part yet. 

We started our money unit today. Money is not in our first grade standards, but I still like to do a money unit for a few reasons. a) It helps with skip counting, b) Since money is covered is 2nd grade, I like to introduce students to it so they are familiar with it when they get to 2nd grade, and c) it's on the standardized test kids take at the end of the year.

I began the unit today with a Brainpop, Jr. video.... We love us some Brainpop, Jr!

I always read these books and then we chart characteristics about each coin. Today we started with the penny. 

While working on the chart, one sweetie commented that "Labelham Lincoln" was on the front of the penny! :) 

I picked up Cara's Coin Flip Strips the other day and can't wait to use it this week! Love her flip strips!!
Coin Flip Strips

Here are a couple other wonderful coin units from Cara and Amy Lemons that I have used the past few years and love! 
The Great Coin Collection
It's All About the MONEY!

Speaking of Amy... we made her cute little Egg-Citing writing craftivity recently. Students wrote about what they get "egg-cited" about. 

Egg-Citing Writing Craftivity

I spent this past weekend in Louisville with 3 of my absolute favorites. Friday night we went to 4th street live for some fun out on the town. Saturday the fellas went to the truck show and me and my bestie enjoyed a fun day of shopping and lunch at J. Alexander's. That night we met back up with the guys and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Jeff Ruby's while watching the UK and Notre Dame game. It was the perfect weekend. I love these 3 soooo much!!

If you need something else this week for Easter...don't forget about my Easter fan freebie on my little Facebook page

Well I think I'm done with my random ramblings for tonight! Hope you have a hippity, hoppity wonderful Easter week!

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