How To Writing!

Happy Sunday! Normally I would be getting things ready for work tomorrow.... but I'm still on snow vacation here in Tennessee! That's right... the snow, ice, sleet, and super cold temps we had last week has carried into this week. Many areas have been without power and roads are still in bad conditions, so we are still closed as of now Monday and Tuesday. Since there is no school tomorrow I'm staying up later and getting a chance for a little blog time! Yay!
This snow vacation has given me lots of extra time to go back and give some of my very first products some much need love and updating! One of my most favorite products, but also one of my very first products (I started it in 2011 and got it posted in early 2012), is my How To Writing Pack. It was in very, very bad need of new fonts, graphics, borders, etc. So I gave that little jewel a good shining and she is sparkly and ready to be used in a classroom near you! ;)

This How To Writing Pack is filled with 43 how to writing sheets, 18 corresponding craftivities, 2 thinking maps (a how to brace map and a how to bubble map) and a mini How To Writing poster and there is also some examples and explanation of how to use this pack. You can check it out HERE!

I'm prepping the How to Catch a Leprechaun now and we will be doing it in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a pic of that project from a past group that I had.

{please ignore the bad photo quality! This group of sweeties are now 4th graders!! so it's an oldie pic...but a goodie project!}

I will post some updated pics with our new ones when we make them in a couple weeks.

 Want to win a copy of this updated pack?? Leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing to have your kiddos write about. As always, the 1st, 5th, and 10th {if I can get that many! ha} commenter will get the pack for free. Please remember to leave your email address. I can't send it to you if I don't have your email address. I'm also giving some away on my facebook page! Head over there for some extra chances at winning. While your there be sure to show my little page some love by liking it if you haven't already! :)

Have a fabulous week! I've got a date with my sweet Dexter dog the next two days! :)


Suzy Q said...

My students love to write non-fiction after we learn about a topic, but the funniest writing ever was when I had the students write about MY summer vacation. We did it at the end of the year, so they knew me pretty well. I took the stories home and shared them with my family and we all had a good laugh!

tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Lori R said...

I like to have my students write about their pet or pets.

Lori R said...

I like to have them write about their pets.

Delighted said...

It looks really cute.