Dinosaur Fun

I was looking through the pics on my phone this morning and came across some I had taken several weeks ago when we were learning about Dinosaurs. Since I'm trying to do better with blogging I thought I would backtrack and share a few of the things we did during our week of learning all about dinosaurs.

I found some grow capsules at K-Mart back in the early fall. I picked up some packs because I thought I could use them for animal reports. A few weeks later when our reading story was The Big Circle, I thought it would be the perfect time to pull out the grow capsules and do a little dinosaur research. The kids were pumped!

I paired them up with a partner and each duo picked one grow capsule and dropped it into the little cup of waiter. 

Once the capsule grew it revealed the dinosaur they would be researching! Exciting!

I borrowed the mini lap top cart from the upper grades and each duo shared a lap top to write down some interesting facts about their dinosaur. They wrote their rough draft on writing tablet paper and we went back a couple days later and printed it in our BEST handwriting on Abby's cute dinosaur writing paper from her Dino Centers pack. I forgot to snap a pic of those but they turned out great! They wrote the name of their dinosaur in the box at the top of the writing paper and then I had them to pick out 3-5 facts to write on the writing paper. Since this was the first time we had used the laptops for research I thought 3-5 facts was plenty. They have to start somewhere! :)

We made a little dinosaur chart. We discussed our schema {what we already know} and then we read a ton of non-fiction books about dinosaurs, fossils, etc. When we would learn something new we would add it to our chart. I snapped this pic early on before we were finished with our chart. We also added some misconceptions to our finished chart.

For center tubs that week we used the fun activities from Abby's Dino Centers pack. The centers in this pack were precious and the kids loved them! Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pics. :(  
Not only do I need to do better with blogging.... but I need to do better with snapping pics for the blog posts! I think that's my problem.... I don't snap pics.. therefore I don't have any material to blog about! ha  I will do better in 2014!

Happy Friday! It's super cold here in Tennessee and we got snow last night! :)

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