Throwback Thursday: Rock Star of the Week

Happy Thursday blog friends! I am linking up with the precious Cara for a little "Throwback Thursday" fun! 

Here is a throwback post from August 24, 2012.


I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the last day of teacher week called "Freebie Friday!" I wanted to share with you what I'm doing this year for my student of the week. To go along with my rock star theme, I'm having a "Rock Star" of the week. I randomly draw out a student to be our "Rock Star" on the Wednesday before their week and I send home a note to the parents explaining about the "Rock Star" of the week and I attach an all about me poster for them to complete at home and return to school. The "Rock Star" gets to be the line leader and the class helper for that entire week. This helps with not having to keep up with all those class jobs daily or weekly...I'm really loving this part of it! On Monday, the Rock Star shares their all about me poster with the class and then I display the poster in the hall for everyone to enjoy and learn about our little star. On Tuesday, they bring in something to share.... this can be a treat or something for show and tell. On Wednesday, they bring in their favorite book... they can read it to the class or they can have me to read it to the class for them. On Thursday, they can share a "star talent" with the class. This can be anything from a trick, cart wheel, singing, dancing, drawing, a trophy, etc. And on Friday, the class makes a special "Fan Mail" book with letters for our little rock star.

This is what I have displayed in the hall so everyone can read all about our "Rock Star" each week. I put up a blank poster so you can see what I send home with the kids to complete at home. My sweet mom ordered these from Really Good Stuff. They also have some cute ones at Oriental Trading.

 The "Rock Star" also gets to keep this on their char all week. I found these this summer at Target in the Dollar Spot. I got pink for the girls and green for the boys. :)

I made some documents using Thistlegirl Designs Kiddie Pop graphics and I wanted to share those documents with you for Freebie Friday! Since I'm not a licensed Thistlegirl re-seller, Ashley at Thistlegirl Designs was so nice and gave me permission to share these documents with you that include her graphics. Thanks Ashley!!!! :)

I got the inspiration for my "Rock Star" of the week from the amazing Cara Carroll and Ms. Winston. They both do a celebrity of the week and I tweaked some of their ideas to meet my classroom needs/theme. Thanks girls for being so inspiring!! :) Be sure to check them out!

I hope you like the documents and can use them!

CLICK HERE for the Rock Star of the Week Parent Letter.

CLICK HERE for the Rock Star of the Week Poster (11x17). In case you don't want to buy the all about me posters here is one to print for free! :)

CLICK HERE for the Rock Star of the Week fan mail book cover and letter page.

CLICK HERE for the reminder note.


Here is a little update to the post that I never got around to posting about...

Since I had a small group last year of 15 sweet kiddos we were able to go through the group twice. So the second go around I used sweet Amy's Star Student Writing Craftivity instead of the all about me poster from Really Good Stuff. I figured since they had already done a poster it would be fun to mix it up and do something different. These are a great little keepsake too!

Here is what it looked like the second go around...

Each week's activities remained the same as the first go around.... but instead they did one of these star student craftivities rather than the poster. At the end of the week I would attach all the round pieces to the microphone and send it home in their STAR Books.  This was the first year that I did a student of the week and had that person be the helper for the whole week. It worked out really well and was super easy to keep up with. I liked not having to change a job helper chart or think hmm.. who is the helper today? This was much easier!! And if I had a two or three man job then I would let the helper pick a friend or two to help. :)


Have a great Thursday rock stars! :) 

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