What We've Been Up To.. Ice Cream & Fire Safety Style

Hi blog friends! I have been meaning to write this post for days now and just haven't gotten around to it. But thankfully I'm on fall break this week and I've finally found some free time to do it! YAY for fall break!!!
A couple of weeks ago our reading story that we were working with was Miss Jill's Ice Cream Shop. I thought this would be the perfect time to finally use Cara's Ice Cream unit that I had gotten sometime back. 

We started by making a bubble map about ice cream.

We made ice cream in a bag!

The final product.. it was sooo YUMMY!!


We made a little graph... Of course the day I planned to do this activity I would have several kids out. :(

We learned about Fact/Opinions... Due to time, I modified this little activity from Cara's unit a little... instead of each student completing the activity individually, I cut out the facts and opinions and passed one out to each student. They read the fact or opinion out loud to the class and then put it on the sheet with facts or sheet with opinions.

This is out it turned out...

And then they wrote their own facts/opinions about Ice Cream!

We wrote similes about Ice Cream... I took Cara's Ice similes activity and mixed it with her Ice Cream adjectives activity.

We created new flavors of ice cream!

Cara's Ice Cream unit was just perfect!!! If you don't have this yummy little unit you are really missing out! :)  {All of the ice cream activities shown from above are from Cara's unit.}

Ok, now on to a little fire safety fun... 

This past week we learned all about fire safety with the help from Sparky the Fire dog! We watched the ABC's of Fire Safety video and then made our very own fire dogs! I think they turned out precious!!{The fire dog is from my Fun with Community Helpers unit.}

We made these little fire safety booklets from The Mailbox.

We made a special snack... Fire Trucks! This cute idea came from Kim at Kindergals.

I couldn't get this pic to be straight! sorry! 

 I read Clifford the Firehouse dog to my tutoring kids and then we made these cute little Clifford puppets that I found at First Grade Garden.

Well that's all I got for today! Hopefully your computer didn't totally overheat from all the pics! haha  Have a great week!!! :)


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