How-To Writing Pack!

Happy Easter bloggy friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful day!! I just posted my newest little pack to my TpT store.... and I am very excited to tell you about it, because it is something I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do with my kiddos! 

Want to turn your students into how-to writing whizzes? Then let me introduce you to my little How-To Writing pack!

 This How-To Writing Pack is filled with 22 how-to writing sheets, 9 corresponding craftivities, 2 thinking maps(a how-to brace map and a how-to bubble map) and a mini How-To Writing poster. Plus there is two example sheets of how to complete the how-to brace map and how-to bubble map. 

The following How-To Writing Sheets are included in this pack!

-How to Fly a Kite (with corresponding craft pattern)

-How to Build a Snowman (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Build a Sand Castle (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Carve a Jack o' Lantern (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Catch a Turkey (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Bake Cupcakes (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Catch a Leprechaun (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Catch a Butterfly (with corresponding craft pattern)

-How to Build a Tree House
-How to Brush your Teeth
-How to Make a Sandwich
-How to Plant a Garden
-How to Plant a Flower Seed
-How to Make a Valentine Card
-How to Make Hot Chocolate
-How to Tie your Shoes
-How to Make Pumpkin Pie
-How to Grow a Pumpkin
-How to Make Apple Sauce
-How to Make your Bed
-How to Make a Pizza

I would love to give the first person who comments a copy of this pack! :) Don't forget to leave your email!



christine said...

This looks great!

Linda said...

This looks awesome!

Down the learning road

Gladys said...

It looks adorable!!!

Heather Shelton said...

Looks great. We worked on how-to writing before break. It's such a difficult concept. I think the activities with you pack will help. I am putting it on my wishlist!

Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten

Heather Shelton said...

Unknown said...

Love this!! Adding it to my wish list!
First Grade Blue SKies

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

Sooo awesome!! Already on my wishlist :)

Sarah Paul said...

Everything looks great! I love it!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Lori Rosenberg said...

I love how to writing. Looks like a great pack!

Teaching With Love and Laughter

Holly said... fair. That's me throwing the biggest hissy fit ever. I was home ALL week last week...ALL week. On blogger every day...multiple times a day. There's no doubt I would have been first and nabbed this AWESOME pack!!!!!

We just started how-to writing today...TODAY and this is perfect. Oh well...guess I'll have to go buy it! ;)

Good work!!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Jennifer K. said...

I just tagged you! Please come by my blog to play!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Teacher Jessica said...

Hello! I just came across your blog and I think is awsome thanks for the ideas how would I go about getting a copy of your how to write pack?

Elisabeth said...

Teacher Jessica- Glad you found my blog! Thanks for stopping by. The How-To Writing Pack can be found in my TpT store. You can visit my TpT store here...

Thanks! :)

Holly- I totally understand what you mean! Happens to me all the time! haha