Earth Day, Easter, & A Little Randomness

Happy Wednesday afternoon blog buddies! I am home today due to icky, yucky, bad, rainy weather. Glad to be home.. but double ick on the weather part! I am on bus duty this week so I found myself going to school extra early for that this morning but then getting to come right back home due to early, super early dismissal. I've been cleaning, blog stalking, and loving on Dexter today. I was soooo excited to get to watch my soaps today since getting to be home... but bad weather didn't allow for it....the weathermen were filling us in on the latest happenings with the weather and it took the place of ALL my soaps today. So.... I thought I would blog about what me and my *almost* 2nd graders have been up to lately..Due to helping with the TCAP testing and having track and field days we haven't had a whole lotta extra time for much. But here is a few little extra things we done last week....

For Earth day we made the Earth cookie recipe that I found on April Larremore's blog. The kids loved them and they were YUMMY! :)

We read several books about going green!

The kids loved Michael Recycle.... and even pointed out that the words rhyme! :) We completed a writing activity with an Earth day template I found from the Mailbox magazine.... I forgot to take a picture.. but the top part was a smiling Earth that said "My Pledge To The Earth." Students colored the earth and wrote what they pledged to do at the bottom. We pasted on green or blue construction paper. They turned out good. Students had some clever comments.... like "I will recycle my mom's Mt. Dew cans!" :) Students completed some activities where they classified and then put objects in categories based on how they would recycle it.. paper, glass, aluminum. And we have been working on a poster for a litter poster contest. I sure hope we win!!!!

We went to school on Good Friday to make up for a snow day. Boy ole boy was I one tired ole gal at the end of that day! We took our regular Friday tests, plus did Eastery crafts and activities, an egg hunt, and had a party with tons of food. I nearly needed a third day off to just recover from my GOOD Friday! ha 

We made Easter basket cupcakes.

On a side note I sold my car Sally this past Saturday. Although, I had outgrown her and didn't love on her nearly as much as I should have towards the end I was sad when the young college lad drove away in her. I kept telling myself it was ok to let her go because like I mentioned I didn't love her nearly as much towards the end as I did when I first got her. Sally was a gray Mustang. I thought I was so cool in college when Mustang Sally would come on because that was MY song about MY car! HAHA  I will miss her but I guess all things must come to an end and on to bigger and better, right?? umm...right??  Well after several (depressing) days of new car searching with not a whole lotta luck I finally found a replacement for Sally. I now have a Daisy.... she is a white Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. I think me and her are going to become good, good friends! And if it wasn't coming a small hurricane outside at this very moment I would totally go out and snap a pic of Daisy to post! haha

Tomorrow is E's birthday and I think I'm more excited than he is! I've been wrapping his presents today.... I've had them hidden away beacuse he is sneaky! I love to give gifts so needless to say I can't wait till tomorrow to give them all to him! :) Well that's all I got for today folks! I think I will go snuggle up with this cutie patootie and watch Ellen. :)



Kristen said...

The cookie idea is super cute! I may have to file it away for next year. I found a lot of cute ideas for Earth Day, something I have never really covered!

Hope your weather gets better. I couldn't imagine having icky weather like some places right now. We are having a mini heat wave which feels fabulous!

Adrienne said...

Love the activity! I did this in my class when we were learning about the continents and the oceans. But, since it was around Halloween, We made globes out of popcorn balls. The kids had to ty and position the blue and green icing to look like the actual globe. They had a blast! I now follow yor blog!