Spring Break & St. Patrick's Day

I have been MIA from blogging lately... we went on vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico for spring break. And when we got back I seemed to have a bazillion things to do and was running around all week like a chicken with no head, so finding the time to blog about my trip or anything school related just didn't happen. Anyways, we had the absolute BEST time on our vacation. I seriously didn't want to come home... I wanted to quit, stay in paradise... and just live on love!!! But we decided we better come back home for Dexter Dog! haha We relaxed by the pool, rode 4-wheelers in the jungle and went to a cenote, shopped at Playa Del Carmen, took a tour to see some Mayan ruins, and ate, ate, ate, ate, and ate some more! And the craziest thing happened... We ran into a little couple we had met two years ago on vacation in Puerto Vallarta! Small, teeny, tiny world, huh?

 I took over 300 pictures... Yikes! I'm a picture snapping fool people!! Since I don't want blogger or your computer to overheat (HA).. I won't upload them all.. but I will just share a few. :)


Now do you see now why I didn't want to come home and just wanted to stay and live on love!?? It was the perfect vacation with a perfect guy! :) I'm thankful we got to go.

Here are a few St. Patrick's Day activities we did this week from my St. Patrick's Day Mini Unit. Since we weren't in school the week before St. Patrick's Day we just did a few little things this past week.

Happy Sunday night! Where did the weekend go? 



Jennifer said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation!!! I always take a ton of pictures too!! I love your cute St. Patrick's day activities.

The First Grade Dream

Miss Squirrels said...

Sooooo Jealous!
Pictures are beautiful- I wouldn't want to come back either

Going Nutty!


= said...

looks like ya'll had a good time!!!! love the one shoulder dresses!!

Hello Mrs Sykes said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation. :) I'm your newest follower.

Hello Mrs Sykes